Configuring user accounts for webpages

NOTE: Refer to Restoration of temporarily disabled configuration settings in webpages to know availability of these features on your meter model.

You can setup user accounts for access to the meter’s data using the webpages or FTP, assign users to a group that determines what each user can access, and set the webpage display language for each user.

You must be logged in as a Product Master to configure user accounts.

NOTE: If you lose your meter’s webpage user access information, contact Technical Support.
  1. Click Settings > User Accounts .
  2. Configure the parameters as appropriate for each user.
  3. Click Save changes to send and save the new settings to the meter.

    User account settings available using the webpages

    Parameter Description

    Lists the current usernames for accessing the meter. You can add a new user by typing the username in a blank cell.

    To remove an existing user, select the name and press DELETE on your keyboard.

    Password * Lists the current password associated with each user. After adding a new username, type a password to associate it with the username. As you enter characters for your password, the status bar changes to indicate the password strength (weak, medium, strong or very strong). Re-type the password in the Confirm Password field.
    Group Select the group the username belongs to:
    • Web User

    • Web Master

    • Product Master

    NOTE: You must have at least one Web Master and one Product Master. User 1 must be a Web Master and user 2 must be a Product Master.
    Language Select the language the webpages are displayed in for the selected username.
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