Configuring sag/swell using ION Setup

You can configure your meter to monitor sag/swell data as a trigger to capture waveforms, and to export the waveform data to COMTRADE files.

NOTE: For waveform recording to trigger automatically, enter your system’s nominal (normal) voltage values and the amount of deviation from the nominal that is considered a sag or a swell using the Power Quality screen.

  1. Start ION Setup and connect to your meter.
  2. Open the Voltage Sag/Swell screen in the Power Quality folder.
  3. Click Edit to configure the Setup parameters as required.
  4. Click Send to save your changes to the meter.

    Voltage sag/swell parameters available using the ION Setup

    Parameter Values Description
    PQ Voltage Level

    100 – 1000000

    Set the voltage level to the required value
    NOTE: The user must configure the nominal voltage L-L for 3PH3W or L-N for other power system configurations.
    Sag Limit %

    1 – 99

    Set the sag limit values
    NOTE: Sag limit + hysteresis must be ≤100
    Swell Limit %

    101 – 199

    Set the swell limit values
    NOTE: Swell limit - hysteresis must be ≥100
    Hysterisis %

    1 – 100

    Set the hysteresis value

    The hysteresis is the difference in magnitude between the start and end thresholds for sag/swell. For example, a hysteresis of 5% means that a sag with a threshold of 90% needs to reach 95% before the sag is over and a swell with a limit of 110% needs to reach 105% before the swell is over.

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