Performing global resets using the display

Global resets allow you to clear all data of a particular type, such as all energy values or all minimum/maximum values.
  1. Navigate to Maint > Resets .
  2. Move the cursor to point to Global Resets, then press Select.
  3. Move the cursor to point to the parameter you want to reset, then press Reset.
    Option Description

    Meter Initialization

    Clears all data listed in this table (energy, demand, min/max values, counters, logs, timers and input metering data).


    Clears all accumulated energy values (kWh, kVARh, kVAh).


    Clears all the demand registers.


    Clears all the minimum and maximum registers.

    Alarm Counts & Logs

    Clears all the alarm counters and alarm logs.

    I/O Counts & Timers

    Clears all the I/O counters and resets all the timers.

    Input Metering

    Clears all input metering energy data.

  4. Enter the reset passcode (default is “0”), then press OK.
  5. Press Yes to confirm the reset or No to cancel and return to the previous screen.

    To perform resets using ION Setup , see the “PM5500 / PM5600 / PM5700 ” topic in the ION Setup online help or in the ION Setup device configuration guide, available from .

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