Power factor sign convention

Power factor sign (PF sign) can be positive or negative, and is defined by the conventions used by the IEEE or IEC standards.

You can set the power factor sign (PF sign) convention that is used on the display to either IEC or IEEE.

PF sign convention: IEC

PF sign correlates with the direction of real power (kW) flow.

  • Quadrant 1 and 4: Positive real power (+kW), the PF sign is positive (+).

  • Quadrant 2 and 3: Negative real power (-kW), the PF sign is negative (-).

PF sign convention: IEEE

PF sign is correlates with the PF lead/lag convention, in other words, the effective load type (inductive or capacitive):

  • For a capacitive load (PF leading, quadrant 2 and 4), the PF sign is positive (+).

  • For an inductive load (PF lagging, quadrant 1 and 3), the PF sign is negative (-).

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