Alarm display and notification

The meter notifies you when an alarm condition is detected.

Alarm icon

When a low, medium or high priority alarm is tripped, this symbol appears at the top right corner of the display screen, indicating that an alarm is active:

For high priority alarms, the alarm icon remains displayed until you acknowledge the alarm.

Alarm / energy pulsing LED

If configured for alarming, the alarm / energy pulsing LED also flashes to indicate the meter has detected an alarm condition.

Alarm screens

You can use the display buttons to navigate to the alarm setup or display screens.

Active alarms

When a pickup event occurs, the active alarm list appears on the meter display’s Active Alarms screen. Press Detail to see more event information.

Alarm details

Details about the alarms can be viewed using:

  • the active alarms (Active), alarm history (Hist), alarm counters (Count) and unacknowledged alarms (Unack) screens on the meter display, or

  • the Active Alarms and Alarm History screens on the meter webpages.

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