WAGES example

This example shows WAGES monitoring for a water flow meter.

You can connect your meter’s digital input to a transducer that sends a pulse for every 15 kiloliters (4000 US Gal) of water. After configuring an input metering channel and assigning it to the digital input, the meter is able to detect and record the incoming pulses. An energy management system can then use the information from the meter to perform WAGES analysis.

  1. Water flow meter (15 kL/pulse)

  2. Energy meter with digital input 1 assigned to input metering channel 1 and configured with unit kL (kiloliters)

  3. Energy management system with WAGES analysis capabilities

**PM55xx didn’t have any related topics but this was from the PM8k. Not sure if you want to keep it or not. Related topics • See “Input metering overview” on page 168 for a description of how your meter supports WAGES information.
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