Overview of waveform capture

Applicable only in PM5650 / PM5760 / PM5761 meter models.

Your meter is able to record voltage and current waveform information.

Waveform capture information is used to help identify power system disturbances, which are an increasing concern for industrial plants, hospitals, data centers and other facilities where the equipment is sensitive to voltage sags and swells.

In addition to measuring and recording numerical values for voltage and current, your meter can also capture the sinusoidal waveform data. The current and voltage waveform capture data provides additional information for analysis of the system’s power quality event.

You can manually trigger waveform capture or configure them to trigger automatically when there is a power quality event. For waveform capture to trigger automatically, you must enter your system’s nominal (normal) voltage values, and then the amount of deviation from the nominal required to trigger waveform capture.

Waveform capture data storage format

The waveform capture records are stored in the form of COMTRADE files.

The meter can store up to 10 COMTRADE files in its internal FTP / FTPS server.

Default waveform capture configuration

Your meter’s waveform capture of sag/swell events is functional once the nominal values are configured through ION Setup or any tool using the Modbus commands specified in the register list of PM5xxx model.

Your meter has the following default waveform capture events:

Waveform capture events Description
V1-Sg/Sw Captures V1, V2, V3 and I1, I2, I3 waveforms during a defined voltage sag or swell event
NOTE: The minimum duration between two sag/swell events to record is 3 s.
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