COMTRADE stands for COMmon format for TRAnsient Data Exchange defined by IEC 60255-24, and defines a common format for power quality event (disturbance) data in order to simplify retrieval, analysis and exchange of disturbance data between multiple sources and vendors.

COMTRADE is configured as part of the default waveform framework. COMTRADE records are generated for waveform records triggered by power quality events or manually.

COMTRADE files can be accessed from the meter’s internal FTP / FTPS server or through Modbus TCP (not available on serial), and is composed of two files:

File name extension



Configuration of event data


Event data records per .cfg file

  • Data samples of events

  • Time stamped digital samples

  • Number of entries (depends on sampling rate and sample duration)

By default:

  • The meter is configured to generate COMTRADE records for any sag/swell event.

  • The oldest COMTRADE record is overwritten by the newest record when the COMTRADE limit of 10 files is exceeded.

NOTE: COMTRADE files can only be downloaded using an Ethernet connection. They cannot be downloaded using serial, modem or Ethernet gateway connections.

See the COMTRADE and ION technology technical note, available from , for detailed information about COMTRADE file formats.

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