Viewing active alarm details using the display

When an alarm condition becomes true (alarm = ON), the alarm is displayed on the active alarms screen.

Alarms are displayed sequentially in the order of their occurrence, regardless of priority. The alarm details show the date and time of the alarm event, the type of event (for example, pickup or unary), which phase the alarm condition was detected on, and the value that caused the alarm condition.

NOTE: Alarm details are not available if the alarm priority is set to None.

The alarm details (for low, medium and high priority alarms) are also recorded in the alarm history log.

  1. Navigate to Alarm > Active .
  2. Select the alarm you want to view (the latest ones appear on top).
  3. Press Detail.
    NOTE: For unacknowledged high priority alarms, the Ack option appears on this screen. Press Ack to acknowledge the alarm, or return to the previous screen if you do not want to acknowledge the alarm.
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