Ethernet gateway implementation

There is specific implementation information to consider when using your meter as an Ethernet gateway.

Firmware support

The Ethernet gateway functionality is available on firmware version 2.0.1 or later.


You can use slave address 255 or the Unit ID configured in the gateway meter’s serial settings to send a request to the gateway-enabled meter itself. Messages addressed with other unit IDs are forwarded by the gateway meter to the RS-485 slave devices.

Broadcast messages

The gateway meter always processes broadcast messages (in other words, messages sent to Unit ID 0). You can configure whether or not broadcast messages are forwarded to the slave devices.

Modbus master TCP/IP connections

The maximum number of Modbus master TCP connections allowed for the Ethernet gateway is configurable. It is the same as the maximum number of total Modbus TCP/IP connections that are configured on the gateway-enabled meter.

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