Viewing waveform capture on meter’s webpages

After COMTRADE files are generated by your meter, you can view them using the webpages.
  1. Select the file you want to view from the record dropdown on meter’s webpages.

    Screenshot of the waveform capture on webpages

    1. Select the COMTRADE waveform to view

    2. Show / hide parameters

    3. View details

    4. Zoom in / out

  2. Click or tap an individual voltage or current channel in the legend to show or hide it in the waveform viewer.
    • Visible
    • Hidden
  3. Use the bar at the bottom to zoom in / zoom out on a particular section of the waveform, or to scan through the waveform with the selected zoom level.

    • Draw a window over a particular area to zoom in on that section of the waveform.
    • Drag the selected area to move the zoom across the waveform.
    • Drag the start and end points to expand or narrow the zoom.
  4. Hover over or tap a spot on the waveform to view the values associated with that particular moment in time.

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