Custom alarm parameter list

You can configure custom alarms to monitor over and under conditions on a variety of different parameters.

The pickup setpoint and dropout setpoint limits are set to -999999 to 999999.

Alarm parameter Unit   Alarm parameter Unit
Current A A   Active Energy Delivered kW
Current B A   Active Energy Received kW
Current C A   Active Energy Delivered+Received kW
Current N A   Active Energy Delivered-Received kW
Current G A   Reactive Energy Delivered kVAR
Current Avg A   Reactive Energy Received kVAR
Current Unbalance A %   Reactive Energy Delivered+Received kVAR
Current Unbalance B %   Reactive Energy Delivered-Received kVAR
Current Unbalance C %   Apparent Energy Delivered kVA
Current Unbalance Worst %   Apparent Energy Received kVA
Voltage A-B V   Apparent Energy Delivered+Received kVA
Voltage B-C V   Apparent Energy Delivered-Received kVA
Voltage C-A V   Input Metering CH 01 Accumulation
Voltage L-L Avg V   Input Metering CH 02 Accumulation
Voltage A-N V   Input Metering CH 03 Accumulation
Voltage B-N V   Input Metering CH 04 Accumulation
Voltage C-N V   Active Power Last Demand kW
Voltage L-N Avg V   Active Power Present Demand kW
Voltage Unbalance A-B %   Active Power Predicted Demand kW
Voltage Unbalance B-C %   Reactive Power Last Demand kVAR
Voltage Unbalance C-A %   Reactive Power Present Demand kVAR
Voltage Unbalance L-L Worst %   Reactive Power Predicted Demand kVAR
Voltage Unbalance A-N %   Apparent Power Last Demand kVA
Voltage Unbalance B-N %   Apparent Power Present Demand kVA
Voltage Unbalance C-N %   Apparent Power PredicatedDemand kVA
Voltage Unbalance L-N Worst %   Current A Last Demand A
Active Power A kW   Current A Present Demand A
Active Power B kW   Current A Precidated Demand A
Active Power C kW   THD Current A %
Active Power Total kW   THD Current B %
Reactive Power A kVAR   THD Current C %
Reactive Power B kVAR   THD Current N %
Reactive Power C kVAR   THD Current G %
Reactive Power Total kVAR   thd Current A %
Apparent Power A kVA   thd Current B %
Apparent Power B kVA   thd Current C %
Apparent Power C kVA   thd Current N %
Apparent Power Total kVA   thd Current G %
Frequency Hz   Min Freq Hz
Temperature °C   Max Active Power A kW
    Max Total Demand Distortion %
  Max Freq Hz
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