Diagnostics information

The meter provides you with diagnostics information to help with troubleshooting.

Navigate to Maint > Diag > Info to view the meter model, serial number, date of manufacture, firmware version (including OS - Operating System and RS - Reset System), language version, and OS CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check). The OS CRC value is a number (Hexadecimal format) that identifies the uniqueness between different OS firmware versions.

Navigate to Maint > Diag > Meter to view details of the meter status.

Navigate to Maint > Diag > Cl Pwr to view the control power information.

  • Non-MID/MIR meter models: The Cl Pwr screen displays how many times the meter lost control power, and the date and time of its last occurrence.

  • MID/MIR meter models: The Cl Pwr screen displays the Number of Losses, the Last Power Up and the Last Power Down events with the timestamp.

Navigate to Maint > Diag > Phasor to view the graphical representation of the power system the meter is monitoring.

Navigate to Maint > Diag > Phasor > Polar to view the numeric magnitude and angles of all voltage and current phases.

You can access the meter’s maintenance log using the webpages.

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