Configuring advanced Ethernet parameters using the webpages

NOTE: Refer to Temporarily disabled configuration settings and login requirements in webpages to know applicability of these features on your meter model.

You can configure advanced Ethernet parameters, such as TCP keepalive, connection timeouts and idle times, using the Advanced Ethernet Settings webpage.

  1. Login to the meter webpages using Product Master or Web Master credentials.
  2. Click Settings > Advanced Ethernet Settings.
  3. Modify the Ethernet setup parameters as required.
  4. Click Save changes to send and save the new settings to the meter.
    Parameter Values Description
    Time to Live 1-255 The maximum number of hops (in other words, devices such as routers) that a TCP packet is allowed to pass through before it is discarded
    TCP keepalive 0-65000

    How frequently (in seconds) the meter sends a TCP keepalive packet.

    A setting of 0 disables the sending of TCP keepalive packets.

    BootP Timeout 0-60 The length of time (in seconds) that the meter waits for a response from a BootP server (the default IP address is used after timeout if no IP address is assigned.)
    ARP Cache Timeout 0-65000 The length of time (in seconds) that ARP entries are kept in the ARP cache
    FTP Server Enabled, Disabled Enables or disables the meter’s internal FTP server
    FTP Connection Idle Time 30-900 The length of time (in seconds) after which an idle FTP connection is closed
    HTTP Connection Idle Time 0-65000 The length of time (in seconds) after which an idle HTTP connection is closed
    HTTP Port Number 80, 1024- 65000 The TCP port used for HTTP messages. The following port numbers are reserved for other network protocols and cannot be used: 20 / 21 (FTP), 161 / 162 (SNMP) and 502 (Modbus TCP/IP).
    HTTP Maximum Keepalives 0-65000 The number of times the meter sends a keepalive signal if it does not receive a response
    Modbus TCP/IP Server Connections 16, 32, 36, 40, 44, 48, 64 The number of TCP connections used for Modbus TCP communications when the meter is functioning as an Ethernet gateway
    Modbus TCP/IP Server Connection Idle Time 0-32767 The length of time the meter waits for a Modbus TCP/IP device to respond to a connection request initiated by the meter.
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