Configuring time and time synchronization using the webpages

NOTE: Refer to Temporarily disabled configuration settings and login requirements in webpages to know applicability of these features on your meter model.

You can configure time and time synchronization using the webpages.

  1. Login to the meter webpages using Product Master or Web Master credentials.
  2. Click Settings > Date/Time Settings.
  3. Click Yes beside Enable Network Time Synchronization if you want to use an SNTP server to synchronize the meter’s clock.
    1. Set the Poll Interval to specify how often the meter synchronizes over SNTP.
    2. Enter the IP address for the Primary and Secondary SNTP servers.
    NOTE: Last Successful Time Synchronization displays the date and time of the last synchronization over SNTP and the IP address of the server that sent the signal.
  4. Enter the meter’s clock settings.
    Parameter Values Description
    Time Zone Offset UTC, UTC±H

    Select UTC to display the current time in UTC (Greenwich Mean Time zone).

    To display local time, set this parameter to the UTC offset for your local time. For example, to display the local standard time in San Fransisco on the meter, select UTC-8.

    NOTE: You must either enable automatic daylight savings time adjustment or manually update this setting to account for daylight savings time.
    Enable Automatic Daylight Savings Time Adjustment Yes, No Set this to Yes to automatically update the time to account for daylight savings time, then enter the start and end date and time for daylight savings time.
    Daylight Savings Time Begins / Daylight Savings Time Ends Select the start and end date and time for daylight savings time in the meter’s location.
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