Configuring SNMP using the webpages

NOTE: Refer to Temporarily disabled configuration settings and login requirements in webpages to know applicability of these features on your meter model.

You can configure your meter’s SNMP settings using the webpages.

  1. Login to the meter webpages using Product Master or Web Master credentials.
  2. Click Settings > SNMP Settings.
  3. Modify the settings as required.

    SNMP parameters available using the webpages

    Parameter Values Description
    Enable SNMP Yes / No Enables or disables SNMP on your meter
    System Contact Enter the name of your SNMP administrator
    System Name Enter a descriptive name for your meter
    System Location Enter your meter’s location
    Read-only Community Name / Read-write Community Name Enter the community name used for SNMP requests
    Enable SNMP Traps Yes / No Enables SNMP trapping on your meter
    Trap Receiver 1 IP Address / Trap Receiver 2 IP Address Enter up to 2 trap receiver IP addresses where trap messages are sent
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